Western Australian Liberal Senator-elect Linda Reynolds

The Western Australian Liberal Senator-elect has worked her whole professional career in what she labelled as male-dominated professions, from decades in the military to the halls of Parliament House.


Speaking to SBS, Ms Reynolds said equality for women was something she’d address during her time in the Senate.

“There are still many challenges for women not just in the military and in politics, but also in industry and on boards,” she said.

“One of the things I will be focussing on will be really starting to change the narrative and discussions on barriers, the very real barriers that still exist for women.”

Listen: Stephanie Anderson speaks with Linda Reynolds.

Ms Reynolds will bring with her experience from her years as the Deputy Federal Director of the Liberal Party, saying she could handle the makeup of the Senate and negotiate the lack of balance of power.

“I understand the challenges we face, but I’m also not unwilling to tackle them.”

“… It’s something I’ve experienced previously in government. I think a great example was the Prime Minister meeting with Clive Palmer, to sit down and discuss the issues calmly and sensibly. While there are still some discussions to go, I think that bodes well.”

Ms Reynolds is also set to throw her support behind the Coalition’s tough stance on asylum seekers, having dealt with tragedies at sea during her years as Chief of Staff to the Minister for Justice and Customs, as well as the axing of the carbon tax.

“It is simply bad policy,” she said.

Ms Reynolds also acknowledged the public backlash to the Federal handed down by the Abbott Government, but said she was confident the Senate could negotiate the legislation.

“There are some negotiations and discussions to be had, but at the end of the day, Tony Abbott and his team were elected to do exactly what they’re doing,” she said.

“We just need to work through those issues in the senate.”