Todd Carney hits out at Sharks sacking

Noyce sacked Carney from the Sydney Roosters in 2011 and the 28-year-old believes he wouldn’t have been shown the door from the club had there been someone else in charge.


Carney, who was also dismissed by Canberra, lost his $650,000 a year contract after a picture of him performing a lewd act in a nightclub toilet was posted on social media.

“He (Noyce) asked me what I thought should happen,” Carney told the Nine Network on Monday.

“I just said I wanted the opportunity to talk to the players then talk to the board and the staff.

“He said he’d let me know, then 10 minutes later the boys got in touch to let me know it had happened.

“I felt betrayed and lied to.

“If he wasn’t my previous CEO at the Roosters then I don’t think I would have been sacked.

“I just hope this is not the end of me as a footballer.”

The former NSW representative playmaker said he was shattered when he learned the picture had been posted late on Saturday night and had no idea it existed.

“I’ve been through this situation before but this is the toughest,” he said.

“It’s something I didn’t know was out there and would surface like this.

“To receive the message on Saturday night was gut-wrenching.”

The photograph was taken by Carney’s friend Mick Robinson who said he forwarded it on to his brother.

Mick Robinson then claimed his brother had lost his phone on a day out at the races.

At a later point in time the picture was posted on Twitter.

“It was just a prank, the boys have seen me doing it before,” Carney said.

“I didn’t know it had been taken and I didn’t think it would become public.

“Much as it’s hurt Cronulla it’s hurt my pride and my dignity as a person and my mum and my sisters.”

“I didn’t do it for a picture to be taken, I didn’t do it to let anyone down.”